Workers’ Compensation Rehabilitation

Care and careful progression is necessary initially to reduce pain and regain mobility to return to normal function.  However regaining or gaining strength, range of motion, flexibility, endurance, and balance are only a start in recovery for return to work.  In a sense workers are industrial athletes who practice or “play” their “sport” 8-12 hours per day.  Gains in speed, agility, control/stability, with specific motor skill patterns are necessary to both prevent injury and to recover fully from injury to return to work.  Additionally, job specific task simulation will help prevent injury or recover from injury.  Getting back to work is better when you are back in the game knowing you are better prepared than before to perform at your peak.

Sessions typically last from 45-60 minutes depending on patient tolerance with periodic rest breaks as needed early in the program.  The typical program involves 3 visits per week to gain a positive training effect.  Work conditioning is sometimes needed in preparation for return to work with sessions lasting up to 4 hours daily to prepare for return to full time duties.  In some cases a Functional Capacity Evaluation (Fit2WRK certified) may also be needed to assess one’s current ability to perform tasks related to their work duties.  Our base rehabilitation program begins with a thorough physical therapy evaluation and communication with your physician and case manager regarding your initial status and continues with regular assessments of progress provided as well.

We are committed to help those struggling to regain their functional mobility, independence, and joy in taking positive “Strides” in life.

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