Parkinson (LSVT BIG)

With Parkinsonism staying active is essential for maintaining safe, functional mobility, and independence.  At LifeStrides therapists have been trained in a type of “Big” movement approach that has been sown to improve balance, function, and to promote more normal pace and step length during ambulation.  A number of our clinicians have obtained the LSVT BIG qualification to aid in the treatment of Parkinson’s.  Using whole body movements and principles of training to promote strength, balance, and motor learning helps to improve safety and greater independence with activities of daily living.  Research has shown repeated sessions of this type of therapy has benefits over an extended period of time.

Sessions typically last from 45-60 minutes depending on patient tolerance with periodic rest breaks as needed early in the program.  The typical program involves 2-3 visits per week to gain a positive training effect.  Our program begins with a thorough physical therapy evaluation and communication with your physician regarding your initial status and continues with regular assessments of progress provided to your physician as well.

We are committed to help those struggling to regain their functional mobility, independence, and joy in taking positive “Strides” in life.

Moving forward, moving better with LifeStrides

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